“The President re-nominated me because he was satisfied with my works” -Asokwa MCE

Akwannuasah Gyimah has said, he was reappointeded because the president was satisfied with his output in his first term.
Asokwa MCE, Akwanuassah Gyimah.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Asokwa in the Ashanti Region, Akwannuasah Gyimah has said, he retained his position as the MCE for Asokwa because the President was satisfied with his output in his first term.

“I think it will be difficult for me to sit here and blow my own horn and stuff, but I believe that the President was satisfied or is satisfied with my works. The President loved what I did in the past three years that I was appointed as MCE”, he stated.

Mr. Gyimah remarked his major developmental achievements within the municipality convinced the president to nominate him for the second time.

Speaking on the Orange Sunrise on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, he enumerated some of his key infrastructure developments to buttress his point adding that, his major project is the refurbishment of a hospital center within the municipality, adding that, the facility is now taking care of patients as well as provided jobs to about sixty (60) people.

Honorable Akwannuasah Gyimah further explained that his cordial working relationship with his Member of Parliament (MP) also contributed to his renomination.

“If you look back it was one of the criteria, I mean the biggest one, as the working relationship that you have with your MP. I think I have or I had a very good relationship with my mp. I think that criteria dominated me the more. I heard it but I don’t know if it’s true, that is 60 percent out of 100.”

To this end, Mr. Gyimah thinks, working hand in hand with the Asokwa Member of Parliament [Madam Patricia Appiagyei] ensures development which inures to the progress of residents in the municipality.

Watch the interview below:


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