My life is being threatened by Muntaka’s boys- Asawase NDC Chairman


The New Constituency Chairman of Asawase, Faisal Dauda said his life is being threatened everyday by some persons suspected to be working for the Member of Parliament Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak.

He said since assuming office as the Constituency Chairman, the sitting MP has been working very hard to dent his image before the party supporters.

“There was a time Hon Muntaka, the Constituency Organizer, the Constituency Vice chairman had a meeting in his office at Aboabo post office at the Library premises and invited some bad boys and gave them a message that they should hunt the Constituency Deputy youth Organizer including me, they should gun me anywhere they get me because they know that I have a gun on me so anywhere they get me they should make sure they finish me immediately,” he alleged.

He said his life is in danger as Muntaka and his compatriots are trying very hard to harm him and that if anything happens to him or his family they will be held accountable.

He alleged that Muntaka continously used the police to harass and sometimes attempt arresting him at public gatherings but he remained resolute and fearless.

Mr. Dauda further noted that the attitude of the MP will significantly affect the number of votes the party will garner in the 2024 elections.

He said the Legislator has been manipulating some of the executives with money and others to get majority of the supporters on his side at the expense of the party and John Dramani Mahama.

According to him, Muntaka Mubarak is doing all what it takes in Parliament for Former President Dramani Mahama to lose in the forthcoming election which is unacceptable and unsavoury.

“Muntaka wants to destroy the party in the Constituency and hand it over to the NPP which we will resist,” he said.

He also noted that, similar to 2019, the MP and his allies are trying to operate surreptitiously to manipulate and change some of the names on the delegates register to automatically put him in front. He said such machinations and manipulations will be seriously checked and resisted.

Mr. Dauda stated that despite the many orchestrations by the member of Parliament to go unopposed, some people are getting ready to give him a strong contest in the coming primaries.

“In 2019 he succeeded but this time around there will be a contest in the Constituency,” he noted.

Faisal Dauda appealed to the National Executive Committee of the party to call Muntaka Mubarak to order to reunite the Constituency towards winning the 2024 elections.

Bayaga Fatawu.