Kejetia Market Plunged into Darkness

Kejetia market plunged into darkness
blackout in kejetia market

After a year and several months of asking for separate electricity meters, the Kejetia Central market has been plunged into darkness after ECG disconnected its power for failure to settle debts owed them.

Speaking to Headline News, secretary of the Federation of Kejetia Traders Association, Ruben Ameh asserted traders are being taken for granted

”the authorities of the market are indifferent to our plight. For close to two years we have been asking for separate meters but they have turned a deaf ear to our call. Initially, they said it’s not possible due to the cost involved.

We asked for the cost to be spread so we pay for it but management was not keen on the proposal. We even went further and had conversations with ECG on meter acquisition for individual shops but that also did not get the nod from management for us to acquire the meters. They have failed as management and they should bear the shame for it”.

He further expressed disappointment in the government for being unresponsive to their plight.

President of the Federation, Nana Prempeh bemoaned the hostile action in the market, to this end, he says what has happened, has created the opportunity for them to press home their request for separate meters to be issued to shops in the market.

”We are not surprised at what we are witnessing today.

Until separate meters are allocated to the shops, Kejetia will continue to be plunged into darkness. We are ready to make payment for all debts associated with electricity when we get the meters we have been looking for”.

He further criticized management for failing to collaborate with traders for the betterment of all and the smooth running of the facility. He cautioned traders will be forced to ”spit fire” if management fails to restore power by the close of the day.


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