Free SHS: Ashanti Taylors and Dressmakers accuse SHS Heads for importing ‘killer’ school uniforms

Free SHS

The Association of Taylors and Dressmakers in the Ashanti Region has accused some teachers and head teachers of second cycle institutions of sabotaging the Free SHS programme by importing school uniforms to the students at exorbitant prices.

According to them, the teachers have turned the various schools into gold mines by importing and selling school uniforms to the students at exorbitant prices.

Speaking to the media , on Tuesday June 21, 2020 chairman of the association, Mr Kwaku Afriyie disclosed that some schools sell their khaki uniforms as high as GHs 65. 00 compared to their price of GHs 30.00 on the market.

Mr Afriyie again noted that “Awurabena” khaki shorts which sell at the price of GHs 30 were sold to students for GHs 70 in some seniors high schools in the region.

He added that some of the first year students who bought the prescribed uniforms on their prospectus from their members were asked to return the uniform and purchase the one in the school which costs twice the one on the market.

“My son went to school with the prescribed uniforms a made for him, but teachers in the school (name withheld) rejected it and forced him to buy some at the school”

“Now over 700 of our members are running at a huge loss due to the decision by some SHS Heads   in the Ashanti Region to ban students from buying any uniform outside their school had provided”.

He explained that the association is ready to provide uniforms on the prospectus to the various schools at a relatively cheaper price to ease pressure on parents to in the country.

The association has therefore called on the government to stop the managers of various institutions from milking students and engage the traders to provide the uniforms at a low price to support the Free SHS Policy.


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