Ashanti region: Residents of Twedie-Foase cry over Death-Trap road (Photos)

Ashanti region

The abandoned road construction and uncovered gutters in the middle of a busy road from Atwima Tachiman to Foase in the Atwima Kwanwoma district of the Ashanti Region is causing motor accidents on that stretch of the road.

The uncovered gutters and broken bridge is located at the main Twedie–Foase road. Despite the fact that this road is one of the busiest in the district, the gutters and the broken bridge has remained unattended to for years now.

Reports gathered by the media in Ashanti region indicated that because of the open gutters and the broken bridge at the middle of road, many accidents had occurred on that busy stretch of the road.

Ironically, the authorities of the Assembly seem unconcerned, while the gutters continues to pose a great danger to road; whereas the contractor in charge of roads remain unperturbed as to how and when to fix the problem.

In an interview, some of the road users claimed that due to the particular nature of this death-trap bridge, several people had lost their lives. They said drivers tend to swerve the ditch and ended up causing accidents.

“More cars have been crashing into the bridge leading to injuries and deaths, but nobody is taking action, and this is pathetic. We don’t seem to value human lives,” a road user lamented.

Another taxi driver lambasted the district Assembly authorities, blaming them for “sleeping on their job,” and adding, “Human lives are being lost on the road but nobody is concerned.



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